Rotenberg & Co.'s SLA

We, the employees and partners at Rotenberg & Co., strive to provide the highest quality service to our clients – this is one of the fundamental values of the firm.

This approach puts the client’s needs up front and center and ensures that the provision of high quality service is a prerequisite for achieving trust.

Our firm believes in providing excellent professional service to clients, while promoting the interests of each client to the maximum and offering additional value through synergies between the various departments in the firm.

Client at the center through service excellence:
We will endeavor to understand the needs of each client and work to advance their interests, efficiently and tirelessly, combining legal knowledge with a thorough commercial and personal intelligence. Through the highest levels of personal attention, we will try to update the client on developments in the relevant fields of law. In case of a problem – we will debrief and notify the client how they are to be affected.

Client at the center through full availability:
We will always treat the client like a valuable resource. Full availability is paramount and we will be available to the client when they need, returning each client’s request, either by telephone or in writing, as quickly as possible, and if we are unable to quickly reply in person, we will provide a staff member who is familiar with the client’s affairs and can take care of their needs. In any case where a client wishes to talk personally with a partner, it will be done. We will also prepare for each appointment with the client in order to maximize the time we have devoted to the client.

Client at the center - through effective management of professional work:
We will conduct a full investigation into the expectations of a client in order to ensure the expectations are set in relation to the team, tasks, deadlines, risks, and possible results and we will update the client regularly. We will always strive to improve our client service based on our clients’ opinions.

Client at the center - using the knowledge of the client:
We follow business developments taking place in the sectors in which our clients operate. We will strive to reach out to clients, in order to closely follow and study his field of business and sector.

Client at the center – relating to fees and expenses:
We will pay close attention to the considerable economic needs of the client and strive to outline fees for work provided for the benefit of our clients. The fees will be accessible to the client and always be detailed, clear and precise.